Kaylor Dental Lab now brings you the technological innovation of laser welding to our everyday fabricating procedures. We are now offering to you laser welded repairs and reconstruction on crown and bridge work and cast removable partial dentures.

We can repair most cases without damage to existing porcelain or acrylic teeth.

No Solder

Because laser welding joins parent metals, we do not have to introduce solder. Since there is no introduction of a lower heat alloy to the parent metal of the bridge frame, the coefficient of expansion remains consistent. This gives you absolute accuracy with no expansion or contraction at the connections during the porcelain application stage.


Laser welded connections eliminate solder, thus leaving you within a solid parent alloy connection comparable to a cast connection.


  • Roundhouse bridges sliding into place with no adjustments.
  • Renewal of vintage partials with new clasps and retention in one day with no acrylic adjustments.
  • Implant frames that fit passively assuring long term integrated implant fixtures.
  • Laser partials with cast major and minor connectors and laser welded laser wire retention guaranteed for 10 years.